Modern Perms for Healthy Curls at Hoop Hair Salon in Clacton

Perming has come a long way since the tight perms of the 1980s and are enjoying a hair fashion revival! At Hoop Hair Salon in Clacton on Sea we can create soft curls, volume and loose movement to your hair, which look natural and in excellent condition.

At Hoop Hair, we use innovative perming products are designed to lock moisture into the hair and produce soft, smooth curls and waves. We use the latest products and techniques to ensure your hair remains in excellent condition both during and after your perm service. Many celebrities are taking up the trend as people recognise that modern perms can be the secret to long lasting, healthy and stunning curls! 

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Questions & Answers

Unsure which perm is right for you? Let us help!

Do Perms Suit All Hair Types?


The perm is ideal for those with straight hair or hair that lacks volume, who want more texture and movement. A perfect perm candidate is someone who has always longed for curly hair, using styling tools on a near daily basis, perms also work best on hair that has not been previously coloured. The perm is ideal for those who have naturally curly or wavy hair, which has dropped over time. The modern perm is amazing for putting the bounce back into the hair so, if this sounds like you, you can recreate your childhood curls.

If you would like to speak to one of our experts about whether a perm hairstyle is for you, book a free hair consultation at our Clacton on Sea salon.

Can I Colour My Hair With a Perm?


If you normally have your hair coloured at Hoop Hair, we would recommend visiting us either two weeks before or two weeks after having the perm done. Unfortunately, a perm doesn’t work on overly bleached hair, so if you’ve had lots of highlights in the last few years, this may not be a suitable treatment for you. If you have hair that’s prone to lots of frizz, we may recommend a hair smoothing or nourishing treatment in our salon...

Will a Perm Damage My Hair?


This is one of the biggest concerns that clients have when considering a perm. As long as your hair is in good condition to start with there should be no damage to your hair. A consultation with our perming experts will allow your Hoop Hair expert to assess the health and structure of your hair. We may recommend a hair cut with layers prior to your perm, to create movement and relieve weight from your hair, which will help the perm hold longer, as the curls won’t be so weighed down.

Which Type of Perm Can I Have?


It is important that you discuss the finished look that you desire at your consultation. Your Hoop Hair perm specialist will assess your hair and advise you on how we can get your desired curl.

If you’re concerned about getting curls that are too tight, ask your Hoop stylist to show you the rods that they will use to perm your hair. Factors that can determine the tightness or looseness of the curl include the rod size and how long the perm solution is kept in. We can wind your hair differently, depending on the curly style or volumised look you would like us to create.  Options include:

    This will give your roots a lift rather than creating waves and curls.
  • PERM
    Traditional small perm rollers are 0.5cm, but we can now also use up to a 2.5cm bendy roller for looser curls, depending on the curls that you desire. This will produce a large curl or wave which can still be straightened using styling tools if you want to change your look at home.
    This option involves leaving approximately 2 inches from the crown to produce a style is flat on top but gives volume and curls on the sides.

How Long Does Getting a Perm Take?


The length of your perm appointment will depend on the length of your hair, but we recommend you allow up to 2 hours. We will always start your appointment with a refresh from your consultation to ensure we are clear on the look that you desire.

How Long Does a Perm Last?


Perms can last up to six months, depending on your hair type and your choice of perm. Ask your Hoop stylist about ways you can help to maintain your perm as much as possible.

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