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Colour Correction Specialists

Colour correction is how we would describe any big changes of colour or correcting a hair colour problem. Two common corrections would be going from dark coloured hair to lighter/blonde hair or from blonde to dark. It may be a home colour that has gone wrong or even removing chlorine after being in the pool.

It can be tempting to attempt a fix at home with a home colour, however this can make matters worse.

The first part of any colour correction service would be an in-depth consultation with one of our colour experts. In the complimentary consultation we will we will look at your desired result, then after analysing your hair colour and condition we will be able to put a plan together to create your desired look or give you ideas if the change discussed isn’t feasible.

Sometimes a big change will need to be done over several sittings to allow the hair to rest in between and avoid major damage, this would all be discussed in the consultation. We would also always recommend the Schwarzkopf Fibreplex treatment which reduces 94% off damage from colour services.

When it comes to pricing a colour correction or any major change, it is so individual that prices can only be given on consultation. Colour correction is not a cheap service and it is not quick, you may be in the salon for many hours so once a plan and price is agreed a deposit will be taken.


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