What Are The Benefits of a Salon Treatment?

The Experts at Hoop Hair Salon in Clacton on Sea Explain Why a Salon Treatment May Be Just The Thing Your Hair Needs!

Clients come to us with dry, damaged, lifeless hair caused by overprocessing, sun exposure, or incorrect hair care products. We recommend a nourishing salon treatment at our Clacton hair salon. Our salon treatments benefit all hair types.

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Repair & Prevent Damage With a Salon Treatment

No matter whether your hair has been damaged by over-processing, environment or heated styling, there's a treatment that can help! If your hair is feeling dry, breaking or looking flat and lifeless, we recommend visiting our hair salon in Clacton on Sea for a Schwarzkopf Fibre Clinix treatment.

The revolutionary technology in this treatment works to repair damaged hair, reinforcing the structure both inside and out, leaving you with hair that feels up to 10x stronger and looks and feels healthy!

Enjoy More Vibrant Colour With a Professional Treatment!

At Hoop Hair Salon, we've found a cure for damaged hair caused by previous bleaching sessions. Our Schwarzkopf Fibreplex hair treatment revitalises dry, damaged hair and protects against breakage during the lightening or colouring process. With up to 94% reduction in hair breakage, your hair is left smoother and shinier.

Additionally, protecting your hair during colouring also allows for lighter colours without compromising hair health.

Add a Fibreplex treatment to your hair colour service to nourish, protect, and extend the life of your colour.

Promote Healthy Hair Growth With Salon Treatments

A happy, healthy scalp means healthy, happy hair! If you are looking to grow your hair, or simply feel that your hair needs a breath of fresh air, visit our Clacton on Sea salon for a scalp cleansing treatment.

Additionally, during your salon treatment you will be treated to one of our famous head massages, scalp massages stimulate hair growth and are a great way to relax and feel refreshed.

Smooth and Hydrated Hair

Everyone desires silky smooth, shiny hair that looks and feels fantastic, right? That's where our deeply nourishing bonding treatments come in. Working deep within the hair fibres, they repair and protect, smoothing the hair shaft and locking in hydration.

If you're suffering from dry, frizzy, or unruly hair, a nourishing treatment at Hoop Hair can inject moisture into your tresses, leaving them feeling soft and more manageable.

Remove Impurities and Balance Your Hair Colour

At Hoop Hair, our in-salon treatments work wonders in restoring your hair's pH level. By removing impurities that cause dullness and dryness, our treatments can even balance your hair colour, especially green tinges in blonde hair.

If your blonde hair is flat, fragile, and tangling easily, ask your Hoop Hair stylist about the Schwarzkopf BlondMe treatment. This treatment is specially designed to balance moisture, detangle and smooth the hair, inject hydration, and restore the vitality of your hair colour.

Book a Hair Treatment at The Top Hair Salon in Clacton on Sea

There are a wide number of hair concerns that can be rectified with a salon treatment at Hoop Hair Salon, book in with one of our healthy hair experts by calling 01255 474 392 or book online.

Your stylist will gladly chat through any hair concerns you have and recommend the best course of action to get your hair back to health again.