Hoop Hair – Beyond The Fringe!

Hoop Hair Salon: Where Style Meets Compassion with Beyond the Fringe Charity


Welcome to Hoop Hair Salon, where style and compassion intertwine seamlessly. At Hoop, we pride ourselves not only on providing top-notch hair services but also on our commitment to giving back to the community. For years, we've gone above and beyond by offering complimentary fringe maintenance services with an optional donation to a special initiative, the Beyond the Fringe Charity.

The Heart of Hoop

At Hoop Hair Salon, we believe that beauty goes beyond the exterior. Our dedication to charitable efforts is a testament to our commitment to making a positive impact. Beyond the Fringe Charity is our way of giving back, and we are proud to have integrated it into our salon experience.

Fringe Maintenance with a Purpose

For years, Hoop Hair Salon has been offering complimentary fringe maintenance services as part of our commitment to excellence in customer care. What sets us apart is the opportunity for our clients to make an optional donation to Beyond the Fringe Charity during their fringe maintenance appointments.

Beyond the Fringe

Beyond the Fringe Charity is more than just a cause; it's a movement. At Hoop, we actively promote and donate to various charitable efforts undertaken by our clients, such as charity runs and community initiatives. We understand the importance of supporting the causes that matter most to our clients, and we are honored to be a part of their charitable journey.

Empowering the Community

Hoop Hair Salon isn't just a place to get a fabulous haircut; it's a community hub dedicated to making a positive impact. By promoting and donating to our clients' charitable efforts, we empower the community to come together and make a difference. It's a collaborative effort where beauty meets benevolence.

Why Choose Hoop?

At Hoop Hair Salon, we are more than just a salon; we are a force for good in our community. With Beyond the Fringe Charity and our commitment to supporting our clients in their charitable endeavors, we invite you to experience beauty with purpose. Join us in making a difference, one haircut at a time.