Hairstyle Ideas For Students

Student Hairstyle Ideas at Hoop Hair Salon in Clacton on Sea!

Starting your journey into university or college this upcoming Autumn? Why not kick it off in style with a brand-new hairstyle or a fun hair colour? Reach out to the experts at Hoop Hair Salon today – we're here to help you discover fantastic hair ideas that match your life. Check out these cool hairstyle ideas for students inspired by celebrities...

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Quick Beachy Waves 

Running short on time before your classes? No worries! One of the most popular trends in hair fashion for students is effortlessly charming beachy waves that you can personalise to your preferred level of tousled beauty. Achieving these relaxed waves is as simple as giving your hair a gentle scrunch and applying a texturising product.

If your hair is naturally straight, you can create defined curls when you have extra time to style, then enjoy loose waves the next day with a spritz of dry shampoo.

Embrace Your Gorgeous Curls

If you have curls, embrace them! Hoop Hair Salon offers a range of salon treatments and home care products designed to hydrate your curls, tame frizz, and give structure to your spirals. These treatments make your curls stunning and easy to style and maintain, perfect for your busy student life.

Balayage : Low Maintenance Hair Colour

Looking for striking hair colour while being mindful of your budget and maintenance time? Balayage is the answer! This hand-applied technique mimics the natural way the sun adds highlights, resulting in regrowth that blends more smoothly than traditional highlights, meaning fewer salon visits.

Balayage pairs beautifully with various hair colours, including soft pastels, daring fashion shades, and classic blonde and brunette blends.

Cool Hairstyles for Guys

If you're a male student looking to break away from the typical short back and sides, Hoop Hair Salon is where you should be!

Why not try out the messy quiff for a cool hairstyle that shows off your personality? The key is in styling the hair on top to achieve a textured, effortlessly tousled vibe, while keeping the sides short for that edgy contrast. Take a cue from Harry Styles; he effortlessly rocks the messy quiff with stylish confidence.

Save Money with Hoop Hair!

We understand the financial strains that often come with student life, from Freshers' events to study materials. To help, we offer a range of deals to help you!

Choose from our 50% off hair colour deal with our Creative Stylists Millie & Elle Mae or take advantage of our Model Thursdays - where you can help our trainees improve their skillset AND save yourself a ton of money! Find out more here

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