Celebrity Inspired Hairstyles!

Get Inspiration For Your Next Look With The Top Hairstyle Trends Worn By Celebrities

At Hoop Hair Salon in Clacton on Sea, our stylists are always bang up to date with the latest looks and hairstyling techniques - and we love sharing the best hairstyle trends with our clients to help them look and feel fabulous! If you're looking for a total hairstyle transformation or simply want to update your existing style, check out some of our favourite celeb inspired looks for Spring/Summer 2024!

Enter Your "Mob Wife" Era

You've probably noticed the rise of the "Mob Wife" style on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. This luxurious fashion trend has made its way into hair trends too, particularly with the resurgence of 90s-inspired voluminous layers.

These layers add natural volume throughout your hair, giving you that glossy "mob wife" look with minimal styling required. Your Hoop Hair stylist can tailor your layers to you facial features, hair length and texture to allow you to embrace this trend and show off your big, bouncy locks, just like Jlo!

Beautiful Bespoke Bobs

We all love a classic bob haircut, but did you know there's a new twist on this timeless style? The latest trend in bobs is all about customisation! This means tailoring the bob specifically to flatter your features, highlighting your unique face shape and boosting your confidence.

So, how does it work? Start by booking a consultation with one of our Hoop Hair experts. They'll take a close look at your hair type, texture, and discuss your lifestyle and how much time you want to spend on styling. Depending on your hair's natural characteristics, there are plenty of options to play with. You can go for a sleek, polished look or embrace some tousled waves – it's completely up to you. The beauty of this haircut is that it gives you the freedom to wear it in a way that suits you!

Rebel, Rebel!

Short hairstyles are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the influence of celebrities like Florence Pugh and Zoe Kravitz. We're seeing these bold looks not just on the runways, but also turning heads on the high street. What's great about these short styles is that they can be tailored to flatter your facial features and personal style.

Choosing a funky short cut is a fantastic way to shake up your look entirely. If you've been toying with the idea of a hairstyle overhaul, there's no better time than now to take the plunge.

Birkin Bangs

Get set for a blast from the past with a '70s inspired hairstyle inspired by Jane Birkin (yes, the one the bags are named after!). This style pairs those classic French chic bangs with hair that falls to your collarbone or even longer! Subtle layers add the feeling of the free spirited decade and best of all, they require minimal styling!

Want to rock this retro look? Just chat with your Hoop stylist about how we can tailor it to match your features, hair type, and styling preferences.

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